Best Shimano Baitcasting Reels for 2021 Reviews and Guide

Best Shimano Baitcasting Reels

For a silky smooth reel that can provide you with flawless performance, you can go for Shimano. Shimano baitcasting reels have innovative technologies that translate it into super smooth reeling experiences.

Their superb build quality helps the reels to last for decades. Anglers can fish easily with this stunning reel. You can fill it lightweight though it is solid. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a freshwater angler or a saltwater angler.

People get confused for decades in the fishing industry to choose the best reel. We have outlined some important factors here and some top models.

The Shimano Company

The founder of the Shimano company is Shozaburo Shimano. He founded it in February 1921. The headquarters of the company are in Sakai, Osaka, and Japan. This company has 32 subsidiaries which are Shimano Europe Holding B.V, Shimano Europe B.V., etc. This company is going to have experience of about 100 years in the year 2021.

Comparing Shimano Reels To other Brands

Shimano always offers the best qualities to its clients. The anglers get satisfaction after using the Shimano reels. When other brands only provide lightweight, ball bearings, line capacity, etc. , the Shimano reels offer you an anti-reverse facility. The maximum drag system of the reels always helps the anglers to cast in saltwater.

Here we are providing our reviews on the top 10 best Shimano Baitcasting reels. Let’s have a look.

Shimano SLX XT Series Casting Reel

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The Shimano SLX XT 150 Series is one of the best baitcast reel which has been reposed on the SLX platform. You should use it for only good reasons. This baitcasting reel has great features like compact permeable design and rigid frame. It is like the original SLX series. It has an XT line which is equipped with Shimano’s SVS Infinity Brake System.

When you cast in the water (mainly in saltwater), it gives super control in the water. Different types of anglers have different skill sets. But it doesn’t affect too much. Most of the anglers can use the reel with very ease. This reel can adjust easily to any conditions. The lures that anglers use with the SLX XT help the reel greatly. The outer dial design also makes the reel special.

The SVS Infinity feature of this reel helps to manage the consistent spool control. You can adjust the brake force of the reel easily if the condition changes. The brake weights use internal friction while casting with light lures.

The Shimano SLX XT Series Casting Reel has super quality and it is very hard to beat. This reel is perfect for the anglers who are looking for a reel at a great price. Let’s go through the pros, cons, and features of Shimano SLX XT Series Casting Reel.



  • Small reel.
  • Easy to palm construction.


  • Need smoothness.

Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel

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Shimano Curado DC
is a low profile best saltwater baitcasting reel used most of the anglers. This reel has a digital braking system, which is very durable and versatile. This model is the advanced quality of all Curado models. The DC braking system helps to reduce thumbing. It also helps to eliminate backlash. That’s why most of the anglers prefer to use it.

This system helps you to cast long with high accuracy. The lifetime of the reel is very long. It does not need batteries or does not need to give charge. The construction of Curado DC means it contains a Hagane metal body with a CI4+ side plate. This CI4+ side plate helps to decrease weight.

It has some quality features like the Micro Module gearing system, six shielded A-RB bearings, X-Ship, and a Cross Carbon drag system. The reel provides a smooth performance. When you are going to catch fishes in the saltwater, this reel performs greatly.

If you want to purchase a new baitcasting reel, it will be the perfect option for you. It has a price of under $250. The quality facilities of the reel attract most of the anglers. You can get these baitcasting reels available in 150 sizes. This reel offers three different types of gear ratios in right and left-handed models.

Let’s have a look at the pros, cons, and features of the freshwater fishing reel.



  • Cast smarter.
  • Easy to use.
  • Incredible performance.


  • Can’t stop backlashes completely.

Shimano Tranx 200 Baitcasting Reels

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The Shimano Tranx 200 baitcasting reel is the smallest member of the Tranx family. It is one type of Casting reel which delivers the same bulletproof performance. These huge models can get in a downsized package. You can see the demands of freshwater and the anglers.

The Shimano Tranx 200 is such a type of casting reel that employs Shimano’s signature HAGANE Body, X-Ship, and HEG technologies. These features make the reel more durable and versatile. The massive cranking power of the reel helps the anglers to use the handle with every silky-smooth turn.

It has the Core Protect technology equipped with S A-RB bearings. This reel provides long-lasting performance in the toughest conditions also. The cross carbon drag system of the reel is quite impressive. It weighs 13lbs. This reel has the 7.2:1 in both left and right hand retrieve.

This low profile fishing reel has an ergonomic package that helps to make it of choice for power fishing. This reel has X-ship technology that gives you smoothness and durability. The SVS Infinity system also to manage spool control.

Let’s go through the pros, cons, and features of SHIMANO Tranx 200 Reel.



  • Casts good.
  • Feels solid.
  • Well-built.


  • Sometimes tap is cut.

Shimano Speedmaster 2 Speed Lever Drag Saltwater Fishing Reel

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Shimano Speedmaster 2-Speed Lever Drag Fishing Reels may be the best choice for you. This reel includes mostly power and performance. But the price is very high. That’s why most of the anglers want to get some quantity reels of Shimano under $300. Shimano has finally done it.

The Speedmaster fishing reel is available in different sizes like 12 and 16. These two-speed reels are powerful. It helps to excel at bottom fishing in deep water and light trolling. This reel has 5.7:1 and 1.3:1 gear ratios in both the left and right-handed handle. This durable handle helps to catch the big fish easily from deep water.

The Speedmaster features a strong metal body that is rigid and strong. It has a carbon drag system that contains about 40 lbs of drag at max. The maximum drag system makes the Shimano special. It has 4 ball bearings and small engineering wizardry that make this reel extremely smooth. It helps you while casting in the saltwater.

If you’re looking to purchase a 2-speed bottom fishing reel, the Shimano Speedmaster 2 speed lever drag should be in the top list of your choice. If you’re a Shimano fan, you should choose the light trolling reel. You must love the characteristics of a Shimano Speedmaster II 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel. You can get the Shimano Speedmaster II 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels in two models, which are silver. You get to see that it has an extra lever drag, which is made for monolines.

Let’s go through the pros, cons, and the features of the SHIMANO Speedmaster 2 Speed Lever Drag Saltwater Fishing Reel.



  • Great price-quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile.


  • Not so smooth.

Shimano Chronarch MGL Baitcasting Fishing Reel

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If you want to get the best baitcasting reel, Shimano Chronarch MGL 151 HG, Baitcasting Fishing Reel is the best option. This low profile baitcasting reel offers excellent features that attract the anglers. This product line mainly defines the border between workhorse and flagship. This reel has served as one type of test. This test is to check whether Shimano’s R&D department is on their game or not.

Its SVS Infinity system and X-ship technology give you smoothness and durability, and the carbon cross drag system makes its strength more. The Chronarch MGL is not a spool only. It is more than just the former Ci4+. Shimano refined the platform by finally getting the help of its micro-module gear system to this reel. The reel’s fit is very much identical to the generation Ci4+.

The finishing style of this reel is darker, more high end. It contains charcoal grey with small and well dispersed metallic red flakes. Shimano can’t point it out, but if we compare the reel’s frame and side plate to the other generation reel, you get to see the carbon composition details. It is quite similar to the Ci4+ technology that is more rigid but hard to tell.

But the one thing which is very much clear is that the material used for the construction is a carbon composite material.

Let’s go through the pros, cons, and features of Shimano Chronarch MGL Baitcasting Fishing Reel.



  • Savage infinity system that manages the control of spool.
  • Durable and versatile.
  • Easy to use.


  • Need more smoothness while casting.

Shimano Cardiff Baitcasting Reel

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The design of this reel with 5 silky-smooth A-RB bearings, lightweight technology, diecast one-piece aluminum frame, Super Stopper anti-reverse, and Shimano’s VBS braking system makes it best.
You can get any type of reel that suits you or depends on you.

The quality of performance of the reel is beyond expectations. This reel has anti-rust ball bearings, which help to make the Shimano Cardiff fishing reels very special.

It is a perfect choice for most anglers to improve the performance of a long-lasting fishing reel. The reel has an extra ball bearing in the clutch.

If we see in detail about the reel, we get to see some features such as:

1) one-Piece Diecast Aluminum Frame.
2) Handle Side Variable Brake System (VBS).
3) Super Stopper with Assist Stopper.
4) Non-Disengaging Levelwind System ( 400 & 401 only).
5) Recessed Reel Foot (Except on Models 400A & 401A).
6) Three Post Quick Take Down (except on 2-post models, CDF100A).
7) Rubber Handle Grip.
8) Aluminum Sideplate and Spool.
9) Clicker (400A and 401A only), etc.

This reel has superb qualities. But the one thing that sometimes disappoints is the drag system. This reel spins after the dragging, which is not so good.

Let’s have a look at the pros, cons, and features of Shimano Cardiff Baitcasting Reel.



  • Reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable.


  • Need a strong drag system.

SHIMANO Curado K Baitcast Reel

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The Shimano Curado k baitcasting reel is the dream baitcasting reel for most of the fresh and saltwater anglers for many years. In this Shimano Curado K baitcasting reel, you get to know all the features such as the larger handle, smaller body, larger spool, improved braking, and micro module gearing, etc. Those excellent features offer a smooth experience.

This reel comes with one size 200, but it has 3 gear ratios: 6.2:1, 7.4:1, and high speed of 8.5:1. This reel has two options of either a right or left hand retrieve. The Curado K doesn’t have a lot of features like the Shimano produces its other products. The reason for Shimano’s making a plan is to control more mainstream models. You can use these in many situations when you need them.

Most of the people prefer the lightweight and ergonomic feel of the reel. Anyone can handle it smoothly and operate it facing no problem. But this can take some time to make out your preferred settings. When you are going to cast, it seems to you the small and medium lures like a breeze.

Let’s go through the pros, cons, and features of SHIMANO Curado K Baitcast Reel.



  • Easy to use.
  • Reliable and versatile.
  • Awesome centrifugal brakes.


  • It will not clasp back unless you untighten the spool again.

SHIMANO (Shimano) Reel 17 Scorpion DC Fishing Reel

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This medium-sized, aluminum Hagane solid body bait caster reel has superb casting performance makes the Shimano 17 Scorpion DC is always preferable to the anglers. It has plenty of components like Hyper-tensile brass gears and many others, which make this reel durable. The body size of this reel is similar to the Scorpion 200 and Curado 200.

If you are a beginner in this field, you need this. Anyone can cast the Scorpion DC with real ease. With the I-DC5 brake systems help, this reel can upgrade itself to the upper-grade Shimano 15Metanium DC.

This reel has a superb line capacity. It helps to remove weight from a spool that accelerates faster and last longer. The innovative brake system I-DC5 computer brake controls the speed of spool by every 1/1000 second. And the main thing is you don’t need to overthink the backlash.

Let’s look at the pros, cons, and features of SHIMANO (Shimano) Reel 17 Scorpion DC Fishing Reel.



  • Awesome line capacity.
  • Durability.
  • Easily usable.
  • Casts long.


  • Need strong gear system.

SHIMANO Saragosa SW Saltwater baitcasting Sea Fishing Reel

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If you are a dedicated bluewater angler, this reel is only for you. This reel has a modernized spool lip pattern. It can quickly expand the casting process of lengths and guarantees. If you think about the highly perfect engagement, this reel offers this quality. It has the HAGANE Gearing Technology and a metal reel body with high rigidity. The precise gears and the rigid body of the reel make the reel smooth and workable.

If you want this reel to work with excellence, a shield is perfect for Shimano Shielded A-RB bearings. To stop tarnishing is also the primary purpose of the reel. This shelter reduces wear, increases the capability of power, and gives super smooth execution. It contains a huge level of corrosion-resistant power with an extra shield.

You need to use this shield to enhance protection against the beach, salt, etc. Let’s go through the pros, cons, and features of SHIMANO Saragosa SW Saltwater baitcasting Sea Fishing Reel.



  • High rigidity.
  • Smoothly works.


  • Drag knob keeps turning.

Shimano Corvalus 300, Round Freshwater Fishing Reel

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The Corvus has a one-piece die-cast aluminum frame that helps the anglers battle in the saltwater with big fishes. The Super Stopper anti-reverse system is for hooksets. You can cast easily with this variable Braking System.

It helps the anglers to control the speed of the spool. If you are an angler, you must use and enjoy the reel. Shimano tackle always has a perfect reason to thank Shozaburo Shimano, founder of the Shimano Company.

He set up his company in February 1921. At first, he set up in Kansai and after that in Japan. Shimano has been keeping its concentration on the engineering process for over 90 years.

Let’s look at the pros, cons, and features of Shimano Corvalus 300, Round Freshwater Fishing Reel.



  • Durable.
  • Casts smoothly.
  • Excellent reel.


  • Defective drag.

Why are Shimano the best baitcasting reels?

The best baitcasting reels should have a perfect size, maximum drag system, functional line capacity, lightweight, high-quality ball bearings, etc. If you prefer to use Shimano for saltwater, it is your perfect decision.

Shimano has all the great qualities that the best baitcasting reel should have. It has perfect gear ratio, A-RB high-quality ball bearings, weight, line capacity, maximum drag system. That’s why most people love to use the Shimano baitcasting reel.

How to Buy:

If you want to purchase the best baitcasting reels, you should look for the qualities that make a baitcasting reel best.

The size, drag system, line capacity, etc. make a baitcasting reel best. Every quality is necessary to measure the best baitcasting reel. Here at Fishing Tools Review, we provide some features that make a baitcasting reel best.

  • Size: when you will go to catch fishes, it depends on the fish, the species of fish, etc. It always depends on the size of fish whether you are going to catch big fishes or medium fishes.

First of all, you should see the size, and then you can look for a Shimano 3000 baitcasting reel or a 4000 baitcasting reel. Shimano is the best baitcasting reel for saltwater according to the size.

  • Drag system: if you are facing a hard fighting and fast swimming fish, you should have a better reel. The reel should have a smooth and steady drag system.

Shimano offers the multi drag system, which is very dependable. The durability of the front drag system is more than the rear ones.

  • Ball bearings: the smoothness and durability of the reel depend on the quality of ball bearings. The reel gets more durable when the quality of the ball bearings will be increased. Shimano A-RB bearings have the best quality that helps to perform smoothly while casting.
  • Construction: if we see the power, durability, smooth operation, cold-forged Hagane gears are the best. You can use the Dyna balance technology as it prevents the movement while retrieving in the motor.
  • Material: when you are looking for the best baitcasting reel, you see the excellent materials which have good quality and durability.
  • Weight: The main thing is that baitcasting reels should have lightweight. The Shimano baitcasting reels have thin under 10 Ounces to 15 Ounces.
  • Line capacity: when you use a baitcasting reel, you must see the line, whether it suits you or not.
  • Max drag: if you prefer to cast in saltwater, you need a maximum drag. The Shimano will offer you the highest drag.


This Shimano baitcasting reel offers us all the best qualities and features. Most of the anglers prefer to use this fishing reel. You get all the benefits from this fishing reel.


Q: What is the definition of a baitcasting reel?

A baitcasting reel is one type of fishing reel. It has permanent spool and very impressive.

Q: Should I use a Regular One?

You don’t need to use a new rod. There is no necessity to purchase a new one. But you do need that type of reel what you used before. As an example, we can say that an ultralight baitcasting reel may balance with an ultralight rod.

Q: What is the process of cleaning a baitcasting reel?

When you want to get the best performance and durability from your baitcasting reel, you have to clean after that. When you come after casting, you need to rinse it clearly after use. You can use cotton swabs and alcohol to remove oil, grease, salt deposits, and other debris.

Q: Which line suits for my baitcasting reel?

Shimano baitcasting reels have monofilament and Power Pro braided fishing lines. It would be best to make sure that line you use and need to check whether it matches your reels line capacity.

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