Best Bass Lures: The Top Lures for Bass in 2021

Best Bass Lures

If you have started in the world of fishing, surely you have already had your first fight with the baits, or you have simply carried a large amount of bait that, in the end, did not meet its objective at the right time. In sport fishing, there are countless types of artificial fishing lures. In addition, they are manufactured in different materials and consistencies, infinite colors, and shapes of many types. Therefore, if we are going to choose a decoy, we will have an arduous task ahead. Below we talked about 10 best bass lures which available on the market.

What are lures?

It can be said that a lure is everything that we use to, through deception, attract our objective to where we want. In the case of sport fishing, the lure is the imitation of a possible prey for large predators. Through the movements that we transmit from the rod towards the line and reaching the lure, it will try to deceive and incite the fish to launch its attack.

For this reason, and knowing what type of fish we want to catch, we will carry fishing lures that are as similar as possible to their usual prey.

Many anglers prefer the convenience and time savings they get by preferring to go fishing using artificial lures. It is said that any good fisherman should have a box full of lures for every occasion.

They already exist in all sizes, shapes, and colors to achieve the maximum similarity to the natural prey of your capture, so it does not matter if you go for large or small fish from the coast or boat. If you search well, you will surely find the right one. Perfect lure.

The most important thing on the subject of artificial lures is to learn how to use them: basically knowing which model to mount on the rig according to the fishing technique and the catch we are looking for.

It is true that there are so many types of artificial baits that choosing the right one for each fishing day can be complicated since there is always a good dose of improvisation in each adventure.

10 Best Bass Lures of All Time

Soft Plastic Stick Bait

Stick bait looks simple at first glance. They have no propellers, flat surfaces, dip lips, or anything else that gives them action. They are really just propeller baits without propellers.

Finesse Worm

This Worms is a small version of the popular zoom trick worm that can be manipulated in various ways, including small hooks, dart heads, split shots, template shakes, and finesse head crazy styles.


Jigs are made up of hooks that can be made from a variety of materials. Reeds are the most popular, effective, and various shapes of fish. Today, the offers are so diverse that you can buy endless models and colors from hundreds of manufacturers and brands. The choice depends, for example, on the submodality of the jig fishing you perform and the weight of the species you catch.

Lipless Crankbait

The lipless crankbait (also known as the “rattlesnake bait”) is a flat side lure that wobbles when taken out. In most cases, there are two free-hanging treble hooks with a split ring on the top front of the bait for bundling.

Many lipless crankbaits include a bell or “knocker.” This is a metal weight that you can hear back and forth in the bait. Both options create a lot of noise and annoyance, but they are different.

Lipless crankbaits are extremely versatile due to the many techniques that can be implemented when fishing. It comes in a variety of colors to suit almost any bait, from tarpon to perch to crab.


Spinnerbait withstands the test of time as long as people are chasing fish. It was the flagship of tackle boxes. However, the use of spinnerbaits has been declining recently due to the simple fact that innovative new baits and lures have appeared on the market. Where someone was throwing spinnerbait, they are now picking up swimbait or crankbait.

Square Bill

The square billing crankbait is a staple in the world of bass fishing for a good reason! It catches fish well, looks for fish well, and is easy to catch. For these reasons, the square beak crankbait is what I almost always tie to the pot.

Deep Diving Crank –  Best Bass Lures for summer

when the bass is on the deepest ridges of the plain and starts eating tarpon. While some lures work well in the early and late summer months, the Deep Dive Crankbait offers 24 hours of action. You can start in the morning and use it all day long.


Frog lures are excellent surface lures that look and work like the real thing. These lures allow anglers to enter the heaviest cover and the most twisted structure and chase fish that no one else can access. Included in the collection are walking frogs, with back weights and round rubber legs that make it easy for dogs to walk and spit. Available in different colors of camouflage and leopard patterns.

Topwater Walking Bait

From rod actions and line types to cadence and pay areas, these tips will help anglers of all skill levels get more from every cast. Important tip:


Jerk bait is a minnow type lure and is expressed sideways. When it recovers straight, the jerk bait swims in a vibrating action. It catches fish, but the place where the jerk bait shines is immediately in the pause of recovery, giving a fast and unstable action that upsets the bass.

How to Choose the Best Lure for Bass

Whether you’re hunting bonefish in the Bahamas, hunting striped spring bass off the east coast, or trying to trick a vigilant large mouth bass in an inland lake, there’s one thing for sure. I’m not going to catch so many fish. Of course, choosing the best fishing lure is not as easy as it sounds. Making the right decisions can change from hour to hour, as trillion factors from weather to water conditions are involved and can affect different species differently.

We will talk about artificial fish and leaded lures within the rigid lures, such as goats or jigs. The first ones are commonly called “Rapalas.” They imitate a prey fish in their shape and movements. Depending on the type, they will work in a layer of water and perform different actions.

When it comes to working them, we can throw and collect, or if we want to feel more involved in fishing, encourage them with movements of the rod. These jerks or actions of the rod will cause the fish to swim erratically, as if it were injured or in trouble, causing the fish that perhaps a linear collection does not tell them anything. But insist, it is a matter of each one to make movements or not. Even alternating linear retrievals with erratic movements are a perfect option.

When we talk about soft lures, we refer to those with a flexible texture, like rubber, commonly known as Vinyl. Soft lures have been in use for a long time, such as the mythical ladders or ragloos, but for about 10-15 years, they have experienced a “boom,” even displacing artificial fish in the boxes many fishermen.

Below are few things which one must consider when going to buy best bass lures:


The norm has always said that you have to use natural colors, and in waters taken in clear waters, the colors of the fishing lures should be more striking or those with more sparkles and holographic. A very true rule, although with slight nuances.

Because this does not mean that we will not obtain results with colors out of place, in clean waters, those that are more conspicuous sometimes awaken the most passive predators’ most aggressive side, so they should not be ruled out. Meanwhile, in water taken, natural color will also give results. We must not forget the fish’s extraordinary view and lateral line, designed to locate prey in the worst conditions. Thus, we will follow the norm, but always keeping those “notes” in mind.


We must be aware that the fish remembers quite clearly when they have been caught by a lure, a memory that, according to many, they are capable of transmitting to their descendants through their genetic load. Indeed, we have all experienced how bait that works wonders during one season ceases to be effective the next.

It goes without saying that the larger the fish, the more memory it will have, therefore more information, and consequently, the more difficult it will be to catch. This must be taken into account if our objective is to fish for large specimens.

So if we are one of the lucky few to reach a low-pressure area, we can choose to initially try with brightly colored lures, with which we guarantee that the fish is attracted. Of course, if we know that the area has significant fishing pressure, it will be absurd to carry out this type of test. On the contrary, we will opt for baits of natural colors, similar to the prey fish found in the area or the fry of the predators we want to fish. In these conditions, we will only opt for bright baits if the day is cloudy or fish at a certain depth.


The time of year is an essential factor that one must consider when buying best bass lures. Fishing techniques in winter are much simpler than those of other seasons. Fast and surface baits are generally out of range. What remains are bottom baits and slow-moving lures. Season matter because they decide the best size and color of your lure.