Complete Bass Fishing Tips During Summer

Complete Bass Fishing Tips During Summer

Fishing tips are tricky but if we use them in the right way we can achieve our goals. Summertime is ideal for bass fishing. However, no one would even like to eat a pizza or hot prepared dishes when the temperature is 60 degrees sitting and facing the sun, so neither does the fish. The ideal time of the day is at dawn or dusk as light penetration is less, then bass is on feed, and water bodies are calm.

In case if you are missing the dawn or dusk time, you can very well fish during any time of the day by following some guidelines. Spring season or the dawn or dusk time in the summer season is a great time for bass fishing. Thus season, temperature plays a significant role while bass fishing.

Why is Summer Good for Bass Fishing?

Bass are confusing creatures. Someday if you visit the lake it will seem that the bass has left the place. Again after someday if you visit the same lake you will find that you can’t keep down your fishing rod even for a second. Indeed, the bass doesn’t travel out of their home waters but their moods keep changing very often. The change in their moods is all because of a change in water temperature or the season.

Bass adjusts to changes in their environment throughout the year but still, it is easier to catch them during a certain period of the year because they are willing to feed more on that time.

Bass are cold-blooded, so they are more active on warmer water as they need more energy, so they feed more because their metabolism is higher. This also means that they are active during winter but comparatively less. Similar to human beings, they are more active when they burn up more energy.

This makes it easier to catch the bass, as they are more likely to take the bait.

The temperature of water changes as the season changes. We all are aware of the fact that lakes, ponds, and rivers are colder in winter, hotter in the summer, and warmer in the spring season, but do you know that bass move in the upper portion of water and lower portion according to season and temperature? That’s the reason we find them in shallow water sometimes and in deeper water sometimes.

In the warmer days, the bass starts spawning, and their egg needs sunlight and warmth to hatch so they move into shallow water. Generally, they remain on shallow water making it easier to catch them but when the temperature rises close to 80 degrees they travel deeper. However, they can’t go deeper as oxygen tends to decrease deep in the water. We all know, bass and all fish need oxygen to survive.

Tips to catch more bass in the summertime


Summer is the perfect season for bass fishing though we should keep in mind some tips so that we won’t fail to catch them. Remember that brighter sun and hot water, the deeper the bass will be most likely. If cloudy days, and cooler days, bass will tend to dwell in the shallower water. Targeting as per the temperature and type of day will increase the chance of more bass bites. Enjoy your summertime bass fishing with your friends or alone by following the tricks and tips.